Intralogistic solutions

We are the perfect partner when it comes to improving the flow of materials in your company. We develop custom solutions for transporting all kinds of goods. We have a huge product range that includes conveyor systems for workpiece transportation, assembly systems for improving workplace ergonomics, and automated guided vehicle systems such as our very own TORsten. We will analyse your precise needs and requirements, then use this information to come up with the perfect intralogistics solution for you.




Intralogistics solutions are often complex. As such, in-depth consultation is a must before you buy. During the project planning phase, our staff will base everything around your wishes, working with you to find the right intralogistics solution to suit your needs.


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Planning and project management


During the implementation of your project, we will make sure that complete transparency is maintained by everyone involved, every step of the way. This means that for us, it is a given that your project will run smoothly. We will keep an eye on everything, and our wealth of experience leaves us well-equipped to handle any obstacle.




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“For us, the only perfect intralogistics solution is one that meets all the requirements, impresses the customer, and also leaves space for expansion in the future. We are well-versed in working closely with our customers, and this approach has helped us become an intralogistics specialist that provides perfect solutions!”

Kai Schultheiß, Project Manager




Once our Technology and Project Management teams have helped you finish the planning and design work, implementation will begin. We will stay at your side throughout this phase, assisting with the project right up to the final acceptance – and afterwards if you need us, of course.


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