Runners and roller rails for a variety of applications

Our runners make flexible material supply routes and gentle transport easier for both light and heavy goods. Our range includes light-duty roller rails, medium-duty universal runners, robust pallet and heavy-duty runners, and flexible solutions such as multi-directional and ball runners. A comprehensive portfolio of accessories is also available. These allow you both to connect multiple runner units and to adapt your runners to suit the task at hand, and can be used in a wide variety of applications.


Roller rails


Roller rails are suitable for lightweight goods, such as small boxes and containers in carton flow rack systems.

  • Plastic roller, normal or with flange
  • Diameters of 13 to 40 mm
  • Huge range of variants, e.g. anti-bacterial and cold-zone versions
  • Different divisions possible
  • Wide range of accessories available


Universal and package runners


Our universal and package runners are fitted with a large number of conveyor rollers, making them flexible enough to adapt to any application. As such, they are the perfect solution for transporting light to medium-weight goods. 

  • Rollers with and without flanges
  • With plain or ball bearings
  • In range of materials


Our conveyor rollers at a glance

Pallet and heavy-duty runners


Our pallet and heavy-duty runners will bring order to your warehouse and production hall. Thanks to their thick profiles, they represent a durable solution for transporting heavy goods such as Euro pallets and pallet cages. The profiles can also be made higher on one side to allow better transportation of the goods in the runners. A feed guide is also available.


Our conveyor wheels at a glance

Multi-directional and ball runners


Our multi-directional and ball runners make it easy to handle and move goods in all directions – an important prerequisite for the packaging industry and at shipping stations, for example.

  • Flexible handling for light to medium-weight goods
  • Wide range of rollers available, e.g. ball transfer units
  • Huge variety and large portfolio of accessories


Our conveyor rollers at a glance
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