Optimisation of the production line at adp Gauselmann

A new challenge


After adding a new assembly hall to the configuration area at their site in western Germany, slot machine manufacturer adp Gauselmann were looking for the right system for their in-house flow of materials. They wanted a fully automated transport system that covered all their intralogistics requirements as affordably as possible, while also keeping risk to a minimum and guaranteeing a smooth transition to the conveyor systems used by their logistics service provider.


Comprehensive assembly management system


Using a comprehensive assembly management system, we presented them with a pioneering concept that would make the assembly and transportation of the slot machines much easier.

During the first phase of the project, our field sales staff paid regular visits to the customer’s premises to get an exact idea of the challenges involved in the intralogistics at the site. This was followed by a series of comprehensive consultation meetings where the project managers also presented drawings, sketches, photos and videos of reference systems, and reported on the experience we had gathered from these solutions. This illustrated the benefits and downsides of the various systems to the customer.


Klaus Lange, Head of End Device Production, adp Gauselmann GmbH

“We had been in close contact with TORWEGGE in the past, so we had already established a solid foundation of trust on which to build this large-scale project.”

“We needed help from a proven expert in the field of intralogistics in order to find the right solution to optimise our flow of materials.”


Eventually, the decision was made to install a custom solution comprising a variety of components that would intermesh and meet the highest quality standards thanks to the use of TORWEGGE’s modular system. The configuration area in the assembly hall is equipped with 15 work bridges for the installation of the slot machines: seven on the left-hand side, eight on the right. When the configuration of a device begins, mechanics move the device in question onto one of the bridges using a lift cart. The games packages and money processing technology are then installed and the housing is mounted, all at an ergonomic working height.

The automated system for the flow of materials runs around the work bridges, in a horseshoe shape. This takes the form of a lifting accumulating chain conveyor, which automatically moves the fully assembled devices on and transports them towards the logistics centre. Thanks to the new system, the mechanics no longer need to manoeuvre the slot machines by hand. The increase in transport speed has made the entire work process more efficient.

To allow the devices to be transported from the assembly hall to the logistics centre, we fitted the junctions between the lifting accumulating chain conveyor and the assembly bridges with turntables. These reposition the slot machines as they leave the assembly area and put them on course for the logistics centre. Special software coordinates and regulates the movement of slot machines as they come off the assembly bridge, ensuring that they are not moved on until the accumulating chain conveyor is clear.