Conveyor technology

Our conveyor technology will help you to improve your internal flow of materials. Our conveyor technology components include carrier rollers, roller conveyors, runners and ball transfer units. We will also be happy to supply you on request with complete custom solutions to suit your individual needs, and to help you with your project right from the planning stage onwards. In addition to this, our Intralogistics Solutions division will also be happy to lend you their expertise when it comes to realising more complex applications and/or automation solutions.


Carrier rollers


Many of our carrier rollers are custom-made to your specifications, making them a perfect fit for the task at hand. We also offer a few standard designs in addition to this service. Thanks to the range of tube designs, bearing bases, axle end designs and coatings we offer, the range of options available is huge.




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Roller conveyors


It doesn’t matter how heavy your goods are – our gravity-driven roller conveyors can optimise your in-house transport processes. A range of practical accessories is available to allow even more efficient transport of a wide range of goods using standard components.


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Conveyor rollers


Our versatile conveyor rollers are used in a wide range of transport solutions, though they are most popular in runners and carton flow rack systems. Our range includes a variety of different designs and weight classes.


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Our runners offer an efficient, tailor-made transport solution for a variety of goods. Our range includes everything from small roller rails for carton flow rack systems and lightweight goods to heavy-duty and pallet runners.


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Ball transfer units


Our ball transfer units make it easy for you to move, turn and steer your goods. The manoeuvrable ball transfer units are suitable for simple transport applications involving lightweight to heavy goods.


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Slew rings


Our slew rings are connecting elements that transmit rotary movement, such as that required to swivel the front axle on the drawbar of a truck trailer. Our solutions meet many requirements for the transportation of goods of all sizes and weights.


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