Driven and gravity-driven carrier rollers

We can provide you with a wide range of driven and gravity-driven carrier rollers, each of which comprises a single tube, a single axle, a single bearing and a single bearing base. Our driven carrier rollers also come with a driver element. All of the components affect aspects of the overall system, including the load-bearing capacity, running noise and running precision. Choosing the right carrier roller for you depends on the condition of the goods you want to transport.


Choosing the right carrier roller in 8 easy steps


Determine the weight and dimensions of the goods you wish to transport.



Are there any particular environmental factors that need to be taken into account, such as humidity, dust or extreme temperatures?


Do you want your carrier rollers to be driven? If so: how (belt or chain) and at what speed?


Choose your tube material (plastic, aluminium, steel or stainless steel) based on the weight and requirements.


Choose the length and diameter of the tube and the axle. This affects a number of factors, but primarily the load-bearing capacity.



Choose your bearing design and type based on the requirements for load-bearing capacity, environmental factors and precision.



Choose your axle end design. How do you want your carrier rollers to be mounted? Fixed clamping (external or internal thread) will improve their load-bearing capacity by about two thirds.


Do the goods you want to transport require a special coating or accessories?

When it comes to choosing your carrier rollers, place your trust in our experience. We would love to provide you with a special solution to suit your unique needs.

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