Handling & transport technology

Our handling and transport technology will improve your internal flow of materials. We are your one-stop shop for comprehensive solutions that will make work in your production, assembly and warehouse facilities more efficient and, above all, more ergonomic, thus making life easier for the people who work there. We would love to advise you on how to make your workplace and workstations more ergonomic, and put together the components you need to realise this goal.


Balancers and spring balancers


Our balancers and spring balancers keep regularly used tools to hand at all times in a suspended system, thus relieving your workers of the strain of bending down and rummaging through crates.




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C-rails for power supply


Our power supply system is comprised of C-rails, corners, cable trolleys and a comprehensive range of accessories, and provides a clean and cost-effective way of supplying your workstations with compressed air or electricity. We will use our modular principle to design a custom power supply system that meets your individual requirements.


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Overhead track systems


Overhead conveyor systems allow you to optimise the ergonomics of movement processes in your workplace. This is achieved using our modular C-rail combinations. These flexible systems can be tailored to suit your individual needs.


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Transport units


Our moving transport units are useful helpers for your warehouse and operations centres. We can provide you with solutions for transporting a wide range of goods and weight classes. Quality, stability and ergonomics are our top priorities.


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Lifting platforms


Lifting platforms are used to overcome height differences when handing over workpieces from one level to another. We offer lifting platforms for a wide range of purposes, both as standard concertina lifting platforms and custom complete solutions.


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