CAD planning

When planning intralogistics solutions, we always take existing halls and components into account. After all, we see our solutions as just one element in our customer’s intralogistics system. Modern CAD tools allow us to draw up precise plans.

Discussion of the concept

Working closely to and on an equal footing with our customers is important to us. This is why we always discuss the concepts for our intralogistics solutions with our customers in detail. This enables us to ensure that our solutions will meet our clients’ requirements.




Every customer receives a detailed quotation from us at the start of our collaboration. The quotation includes all the services we will be providing in conjunction with the project in question, thus ensuring total transparency with regard to every work step, all the costs and the schedule.




Detailed planning


Somebody needs to keep an eye on every aspect of the project during the implementation. We see this as our job, not our customer’s. Before we begin a project, we sketch out all the work steps involved in the development, production and implementation phases for an intralogistics solution. For us, making sure we have a detailed plan in advance is a given.

  • The most important thing for a project is making sure that you have thought of everything before you start. We do this with a detailed, transparent plan covering time, costs and services
  • This allows the customer to get on with their actual work in peace, knowing their project is in good hands


Coordination of everyone involved

There are always several parties involved in the development, production and implementation of an intralogistics solution. They might be part of our company, or belong to our network of expert partners. Either way, it goes without saying that we take the responsibility for coordinating everyone involved.