Overcoming height differences when handing over workpieces


Our wide range of lifting platforms will boost productivity in your production centre. Our lifting platforms relieve the strain on the human body at all kinds of workstations, offering an ergonomic and safe solution that makes your loading and unloading processes smooth and efficient.

With a diverse range of accessories and special equipment available, even the sturdy and durable standard lifting platform can be used for a variety of different applications. Or if you are dealing with heavier loads or specialist conditions, you can trust our experienced team to develop custom lifting platforms to suit your needs. For example, we have already satisfied other customers’ needs by developing both mobile solutions and heavy-duty lifting platforms with load-bearing capacities of over 50 tonnes.


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Workplace ergonomics in intralogistics


An ergonomic workplace is good for health and prevents medical complaints that can often be traced back to poor posture. As such, taking a closer look at work processes is essential for every business.

The demographic shift is unrelenting in every sector, and intralogistics is no exception. On top of this, like many other career paths, the industry is also experiencing a shortfall in specialist labour. Muscular and skeletal disorders are not uncommon in this sector.

Rethink your workplace! Our team would love to help make your intralogistics more ergonomic!


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