Problem/situation analysis

There are many ways of moving goods. Even if you simply want to transport a workpiece from A to B, you could theoretically use conveyor belts, automated guided vehicle systems or forklift trucks. There is no “one size fits all” solution. Decades of experience have taught us that users often find it difficult to specify what exactly they need. This is why our consultants start each collaboration by analysing the situation at your site together with you. This then forms the basis we use to develop your perfect intralogistics solution.


Determining requirements/specifications


A perfect intralogistics solution is completely based upon the needs of its user. We draw up an individual set of specifications for each project. When analysing your needs, we focus on what really matters while looking towards the trends of the future. This enables us to guarantee that the intralogistics solution we develop for you today will still meet your requirements tomorrow. You can rest assured that your investments are future-proof.




Pooling ideas/design

In all the years we have been providing intralogistics solutions, we have put together countless ideas and approaches. When pooling ideas prior to the design stage, however, our consultants don’t rely exclusively on previous successful projects – they are also constantly in active discussion with their colleagues in our other teams. We also stay in touch with our customers at all times. This allows us to produce intralogistics solutions that will provide the optimum benefit for our customers – solutions that are as creative as the project requires.