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Our portfolio contains over 39,000 different components. So no matter what your application, we’re sure to have the right solution on hand. Our components are used in all kinds of moving objects both in businesses and around the home, e.g. table trolleys, furniture and picking trolleys. Most of our products are produced in the European Union, so short lead times and high quality standards are guaranteed.


Wheels and castors


Without wheels and castors, everything would grind to a halt. The production of components for a variety of industrial applications was our main source of business when we first founded our company, and remains one of our key areas of expertise to this day. With over 60 years of experience in developing and selling wheels and castors, there can be no doubting our credentials in this field.


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Conveyor technology


We will unlock the potential for improvement in your business and flow of materials. As well as providing you with the right conveyor technology components, such as pallet runners, carrier rollers and ball transfer units, our team of experienced specialists will also be happy to provide advice on how best to implement your solution. We can even offer on-site stock-taking – no problem! In addition to this, our Intralogistics Solutions division will also be happy to lend you their expertise when it comes to realising more complex applications and/or automation solutions.




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Markus Pilz, Head of Purchasing at Gabriel

“It’s easy to see that TORWEGGE’s philosophy matches our own:
acting responsibly to suit the customer’s needs.”


Xetto Arbeitsergonomie

Handling and transport technology


Working ergonomically is an important issue we spend a lot of time thinking about – and that extends to our intralogistics work, too. The demographic shift and our responsibility to our staff have inspired us to keep striving for improvement in terms of ergonomics in the workplace. Our handling technology and transport technology components offer great added value in this regard – and they could do the same for your business, too! We would love to advise you on how to make your workplace and workstations more ergonomic, and put together the components you need to realise this goal.




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Industries: Stage technology


Find out more about our stage technology range From black wheels and blue wheels to the StageLifter, you will find a huge variety of products for your application.




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